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SoCo is a new breed of platform that incentivises positive behaviour change. By setting simple, everyday challenges that unlock feel-good rewards, it encourages a more socially conscious way of living. This harnesses the collective power of people and brands who want to make the world a better place.


1. In the SoCo platform, brand sets sustainable, fun, habit-changing challenges (e.g. walking  11,000 steps a day, using a keepcup, going veggie)
2. People accept challenge + work towards goal
3. Once achieved, an exciting reward from the brand is unlocked (e.g. free boxing class, free coffee)
4. The result, everyone wins! The planet is positively impacted. People feel good about their habit-change. And brands connect with members of the public who value their sustainability and socially responsible ethics.

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Fitness & clean air
Power of Boxing (London's oldest boxing gym) set a challenge to get people walking more and help London be a healthier, cleaner place to live.
SoCo calculated that for every person that walks 80,500 steps a week, it is the equivalent of taking a UK car off the road for the day.

Sustainability walking challenge

Health & lowered CO2 emissions
Greenbay Supermarket (vegan and vegetarian supermarket) set a challenge to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption and thereby lowering risks of heart disease and cancer, and also lowering their carbon footprint (farmed animal products are responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions).

All of our challenges are designed to make a healthier society, a healthier planet, and a more empowered you.

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