Coronavirus - are there any silver linings?
29 Apr 2020

What is coronavirus teaching us? About the world we live in, about how companies operate, and about what we want to prioritise in life.

It’s a very stressful time for everyone and we are all facing unique challenges, but one thing we keep hearing again and again is that people are taking time to consider: what do they want to rush back to and what would they prefer to remove from their lives when normality resumes?


For some being at home has given them a new appreciation for spending time with family and friends, for others its highlighted the fact that they can work effectively from home, and for most it has given us a lot of time to reflect on how we go about living our lives – what do we want to prioritise and how can we do that whilst keeping the books balanced?


In addition, we have seen how the pandemic is actually having a positive impact on the environment. In such a brief period of time there have been significant reduction in global emissions; less fossil fuels are being burned; the canals of Venice are running clear and teaming with fish; the Himalayas have been seen from parts of India for the first time in decades; and some animal species are thriving in the absence of human interference. It is another stark reminder that the way we have been operating as a species needs to be reviewed.


Going forward, what should we expect from companies and brands? What should we expect of ourselves and is there anything that we should be willing to do a little less of for the greater good? Is it time to really take into account what it means to be socially and environmentally conscious?


At SoCo, we want take advantage of the awareness and silver linings that this crisis has offered us – let’s demand more from companies and governments, contribute more ourselves as individuals, find a work-life balance that makes us happy, see the environmental changes and legislation enacted that helps the planet breathe more easily, and move forward in a world and society that is more caring and conscious.

No one is perfect – we don’t need to be a world of perfect people, but a world of people attempting to live a little bit more perfectly. Because by changing our habits we can change the world.


At SoCo we understand that being at home is not ideal for many people in precarious personal situations. Domestic abuse cases and calls to helplines have soared by over 400%. In these times of financial difficulty we know its not always possible to give money, but if you have a spare £5 to give to victims of domestic abuse then Refuge is a fantastic charity.




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