24 Jan 2022

Mind blowing fact: if food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third biggest contributor to climate change. ⁠

It's quite crazy to think that UK households throw away 6.6 million tonnes of food per year, of which 4.5 million tonnes was edible. To try and visualise this - this amount of food waste is the equivalent of 1 million female African elephants.⁠

It might therefore, come as no surprise that the biggest offenders when it comes to food waste is…us, the consumer. ⁠So, making sure that we try and use as much of the food we buy as possible is one simple way to help fight climate change (and save money).⁠

So, what can we do?⁠

Here’s a couple of simple rules we can try to stick to, to avoid food waste at home:⁠

1. Don’t over buy. 2-4-1s are really tempting, but are you going to eat 12 bananas in a week?⁠

2. Meal plan – try and write down the main meals you are going eat before doing a shop and buy accordingly⁠

3. If something only has a day or two before the expiry date and you don’t need it right now – freeze it ! This will extend its life by 6 months.⁠

4. Love wonky fruit and veg - food that isn’t aesthetically pleasing - if it cannot be sold, this food is ploughed back into the ground or left to rot - millions tonnes every year (Edinburgh University Study 2018). ⁠

Ethically minded companies are using wonky fruit and veg to help tackle the issue of food waste, which is exactly what PRESS Healthfoods do. Your delicious juice cleanses and soups use wonky veg so not only are you giving your body a great health-kick, your brand choices are helping to prevent food waste.⁠

See our app for details on the PRESS Juicy Steps challenge.⁠ Download the SoCo app here

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